Villa Renata

Therapeutic community for addiction rehabilitation


The Villa Renata therapy community provides C-type residential services for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. The definition is one given by the Veneto Regional law 22/2002, which refers to “residential care services, therapy-rehabilitation treatment and socio-occupational reintegration for people addicted to drugs and alcohol” who require intensive and specialized psychotherapy assistance.

The approach to the issue of drug addiction is multifocal and takes its cue from a well structured view that accounts for both the constituent elements of addictive personalities, the relationships with the families, and, finally, the social factors that contribute to producing phenomena of marginality and maladjustment. Persons under house arrest are not admitted as patients.

Head Director: dr.ssa Patrizia Cristofalo p.cristofalo(at)


The founding principle of the Community is to accompany patients towards an awareness that facilitates their emancipation from drug addiction, satisfactory integration into the world of work, and social inclusion. The “Villa Renata” therapy community offers a residential experience to drug addicts of both sexes characterized by a multi-polar clinical-educational assistance carried out at various levels, and in close collaboration with the facility or service that sent them.

Within this perspective of mutual collaboration between the territorial specialist services and the Community – and thus of complementarity in designing an individual therapy project while respecting the reciprocal functional autonomy – that the best success rates are achieved. Both before entering and throughout the period of stay in the community, a close and constant operational link is maintained with the sending services, and in particular with the operators and therapists following the cases: periodic meetings with them are planned to follow their evolution.

Ours is a therapy community model that aims at building a reassuring and structured time-space where guests’ problems can be contained and worked through from an overall therapy perspective characterized by a dual value aimed at integrating the aspects of pedagogical and educational training with those more strictly psychotherapy, implemented in ways of individual, group and family treatment.

The problem of drug addiction is manifested as an expression of a crisis of the individual and the family, often experienced in latent form for long periods, and leading the young person, with the involvement of their family, to go through an involutive spiral, marked by strong disintegrating and self-destructive tendencies. Therapy is thus a process of bringing individual and family history to the fore, without neglecting the social and environmental aspects that may have pushed the young person towards deviance and social marginalization. The community context allows change to be fostered as the model provides both a protective containment in the face of an ongoing crisis, and a wide therapy and educational potential. To find out more, download the Activity Program on the document page: documenti


As part of the innovative activities experimented in recent years in Villa Renata, some interesting workshops of creative activity have been offered that have been much appreciated by younger guests. Some of these activities are an evolution and improvement of pre-existing community activities; in other cases, integrative and innovative activities are offered by way of additional and complementary services that meet the increasingly complex needs of the person as a whole (relationships, socialization, creative and recreational activities, job orientation, training, work experience, etc.). In the right menu, you can view and download some projects that are now an integral part of the Therapeutic Program.