As part of the innovative initiatives experimented in recent years by Villa Renata, some interesting creative workshops have been offered that have been much appreciated by younger guests. Some can be read as an evolution and improvement of pre-existing community activities; in others, integrative and innovative initiatives have been proposed as an offer of additional and complementary services that meet the increasingly complex needs of people as a whole (relationships and socialization, creative and recreational activities, orientation, training and work experience, etc.). In the right menu you can see and download some projects that are now an integral part of the therapy programme.


The scenic arts have the characteristic of revolutionizing interpersonal communications and group relations, giving rise to “communicative experiments” with important evolutionary implications.  The presentation to the public of one’s work as a final project-essay is the direct expression of one’s new communicative skills and the crowning of a lot of hard work. For more information, see the project sheet: Scheda Progetto Laboratorio di Tecniche Teatrali

The theatre workshop has been operating for many years as a complementary recreational and recreational activity, thanks to the presence of a community operator, Giuliano Morasco, who is also a theatrical actor and director. The workshop involves the community’s guests in creative and expressive activities where they can become personally involved in actively experimenting with new forms of verbal and bodily communication, working on personal development and on their own individual and group stage presence.


As a universal language, music is an indispensable relational and communicative tool especially for young people, through music, receive a personal and social compensation to their emotions, experiences, and discomforts. So since May 2006, the Wisteria facility of Villa Renata on Lido island has a well-equipped recording room where, under the teaching and direction of the educator-musician Marco Anzovino, guests set up music groups, learn new instruments, techniques, and training approaches related to music, and create and interpret their own songs.

The primary purpose of this music project, which targets young people, is to make guests have a positive life and growth experience together with others in composing and making songs that involve them at all phases of the project, from writing texts to singing and performing songs, through to the final performance on stage. From listening to the songs it is clear that this pathway of artistic and aggregative sharing lets the youngsters learn to communicate, to tell others about themselves, and to convey their emotions and moods through lyrics and melodies. With immediacy, the songs recount their experiences, dreams, expectations and searches – often suffered or hidden – for reference values, and a social and expressive space. To listen to some CDs of the innumerable recordings, you can ask for a copy at the address: info (at) In the title line, please specify the request of the CD. Download the project sheet: Scheda Progetto Musica


The vegetable garden is found at Malamocco, a hamlet on the island of Lido, known for its history and nature, on a strip island separating the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic Sea. The land is owned by the Municipality of Venice and was granted, as an administrative concession, to the Villa Renata therapy community
starting from its early years of therapy-assistance works, for carrying out socio-educational activities for resident patients of the community.

On the island, the educators – coordinated by Dott. Carlo Bovo – carry out training activities in the field of traditional Venetian horticulture and floriculture, cultivating products for self-consumption. To see the project sheet, click here: Scheda Progetto ORTO


The Villa Renata community has always been particularly well disposed to sport in all its facets. Sport indeed plays a key role in the context of activities, as it has a strong educational value, precisely for all the intrinsic teaching aspects, and for the prospects of change it offers: from the interest it arouses to the messages of cohesion and common effort it conveys.

Sport thus has a considerable influence on the evolution and maturation especially of young people, precisely because it is linked to interests that facilitate involvement and commitment in shared goals and teamwork. Moreover, the rediscovery and enhancement of one’s own physical abilities and a new respect for one’s own body, are important goals, especially for boys and girls who find themselves in conflict with their physicality. Download the project sheet: Scheda Progetto SPORT